The Base Recording Studios

Workshop – “Top Ten Things To Do Before Going Into A Studio”

This workshop is aimed at artists and bands who are planning on going into a recording studio for their first or second time, and intends to give them a ‘check list’ of things they should consider beforehand, ensuring they make the most of the studio time and facilities to achieve the best possible result.

The checklist will begin with instrument and equipment preparation, then cover rehearsal recordings and pre-production, and expand to discuss the pros and cons of the different recording methods, what to expect from and how to best decide between them and prepare for the session.

The hour-long workshop will be followed by a general Q&A time, and people are invited to take advantage and chat with Phil and the other producers at The Base about any production or recording topic they might have.


Saturday 27th August


Open 10am - 6pm, Workshop 2pm


7 Yarra Place, South Melbourne