Loose Tooth


Swept together from the ashes of your finest night on the tiles LOOSE TOOTH are a Melbourne three-piece who craft sweet guitar pop with frayed edges and swollen hearts. Life-long mates Etta Curry and Nellie Jackson met in creche and spent nap time dreaming of creating a heavenly racket. Long time friends Luc Dawson was drafted in on bass to transform their sketches into the sort of songs that stick in your head for days. Spacious and drenched in reverb, LOOSE TOOTH's smouldering pop gems deliver heartfelt assessments through misty eyes. Whether spluttering to life on an empty tank or hitting harmonies in full flight, seeing LOOSE TOOTH really is a beautiful thing. 


Saturday 20th August


8pm - 8:40pm


Globe Warehouse - 1 Fennell St, Port Melbourne