Mexbourne Dance Company


Mexbourne Dance Company is a non-profit group dedicated to promote Mexican culture in Australia, through joyful folk music and dance. Since its creation in 2003, the group has performed in diverse types of events, from charitable and non-charitable events, to major multicultural festivals in Victoria. Some of these festivals include: Moomba, PakoFesta in Geelong, Light in Winter in Federation Square, the Chilean and Latin American Festival, MexFest, Jhonston St. Fiesta amogst others. Mexico's modern folk dance tradition is blending of elements from its Indigenous, African and European heritage. For Live N Local, Mexbourne is going to perform: "Jalisco Mexican Hat Dance" from west of Mexico and considered Mexico's "National Dance", is the best known traditional dance outside of the country. 


Thursday 25th August




El Habanero - 342 Clarendon St, South Melbourne